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Venom OG is a hybrid strain not meant for beginners! This extremely potent hybrid strain is indica-dominant, which is evident in its almost debilitating body high. Created by Rare Dankness Seeds by crossing Venom OG and their very-own creation Rare Dankness #1, these craft-cannabis growers definitely kept potency in mind. Incredibly potent, Venom OG combines a cerebral, euphoric mind high with a relaxing and sedating body high, to create the ultimately soothing experience. Venom OG is a hybrid strain that packs a punch that is strong enough to ease pain, insomnia and stress.




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Venom OG is a premium hybrid phenotype that was originally developed by the prolific and talented cannabis connoisseurs from Rare Dankness Seeds. They crossed Poison OG and their own notorious in-house strain, Rare Dankness #1 together to create this robust hybrid strain. Taking the best qualities of its parent strains, Venom OG combines the full-bodied and sedating effects of Poison OG and combines it with the mindful, sensory high that Rare Dankness #1 is so critically acclaimed for. Definitely not a day-time strain, it is recommended that it be used during the evening, as its extremely sedating effects are almost crippling, and will definitely lock you onto your couch. Many users find this strain to be a competent remedy for arthritis, anxiety, chronic pain, lack of appetite and sleep disorders such as insomnia. The terpene profile of Venom OG is tremendously rich – it consists of notes of a diesel, gas-like fuel scent with undertones of citrus, earth and pine.


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