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Tuna Kush is a British Columbian bred strain that was originally created by the infamous team from 5 Star Organics. This team of craft cannabis growers perfected the ultimate indica strain: they created an incredibly potent strain that boasts averages of 28% THC concentrations, with an amazing diesel, gas-like aroma and flavour profile. Tuna Kush is well-renowned for its heavy-hitting high and pain alleviating healing effects.



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Tuna Kush is another famous strain that originated in British Columbia. Originally bred by the well-renowned team over at 5 Star Organic by crossing Herijuana and Lamb’s Bread (aka. Lamb’s Breath), Tuna Kush has made itself globally recognized for it’s intense terpene profile and intense, prolific high. One of the first “exotic” or rare strains, legends say Tuna Kush received its name because it was packaged using tuna cans and labelled as a premium strain due to its high THC content, extraordinary aroma and deep, intensive high. With average THC concentrations ranging between 25-28%, Tuna Kush truly is a heavy-hitting indica. This strain will be sure to knock you off of your feet and lock you onto your couch. The relaxing and sedating qualities of this strain are great for the management of chronic pain, arthritis, insomnia and other joint problems. This phenotype is generally recognized by the abundance of THC trichomes covering the buds and the forest-green hue with tints of purple leaves.

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