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Tom Ford Pink Death is a pure indica strain that has retained legendary status within craft-cannabis circles since it was originally cultivated. Quickly becoming one of the top, most-potent indica strains in legal cannabis markets such as Canada, Californiam and Colorado, this strain is meant for those looking for a luxurious and premium smoke session. With a gas, diesel-like terpene profile, Tom Ford Pink Death offers users a clean, tasty smoke that is also paired with an almost debilitating, long-lasting high.



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Tom Ford Pink Death is an ultra-rare AAAA+ grade premium strain that is taking over the market by storm. Originating within craft-cannabis circles in Los Angeles, this potent indica has made its way up North for us all to enjoy. Smoking Tom Ford Pink Death is the epitome of luxury, with its great taste, smooth exhale and heavily-intoxicating high. Although the history behind this strain is quite hazy, it is generally known that this strain was bred as a cross between Pink Kush and Death Bubba, both two potent indica strains with similar qualities. With whopping THC averages of 22-32% THC, this strain is highly intoxicating and is best for users with higher tolerances or night-time usage. Heavy-hitting and fast-acting, the high of Tom Ford Pink Death is euphoric, and equally as relaxing. The effects of this strain are great for dealing with stress, depression, lack of appetite along with chronic aches and pains.


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