Sour Amnesia Haze

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Sour Amnesia Haze is a cross of two well-known and award-winning strains, Sour Amnesia and Amnesia Haze. Sour Amnesia haze is the perfect sativa for day-time smoking or wake-and-bakes with its uplifting and energizing effects on the user as well as its moderate THC content. THC concentrations are typically around 18-24%. With a unique terpene profile consisting of strong citrus, earthy, and gas-like flavours; it is sure to be a good smoke.



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Sour Amnesia Haze

We are pleased to offer you Sour Amnesia Haze, an astonishing sativa strain that is sure to give you the best head buzz. An exotic cross of two award-winning sativa strains, HortiLab’s beloved Sour Amnesia, and the tangy Amnesia Haze.  Sour Amnesia, known for its strong uplifting effects and Amnesia Haze, known for its energetic buzz. Together both these strains produce the perfect sativa strain. This strain takes the best of both, providing a burst of energy and intense feelings of euphoria and happiness.

Characteristics and Effects

The buds of this strain range from small to medium-sized. They tend to be pale green with darker leaves compared to other strains. The most defining feature of this strain is the abundance of pistils that are a darker orange in colour which is characteristic of sativa-dominant genetics. There is a noticeable layer of trichomes, producing a frosty look on the leaves. together with the orange pistils, it makes quite an eye-pleaser. Additionally, the excess of trichomes will make the buds a bit sticky, making it harder to grind. The terpene profile is quite unique as it inherits features from both of its parents. The most obvious is its earth-like and diesel-like scent, mainly inherited from Sour Amnesia. However, with closer inspection, there is a hint of sweetness and citrus that hits the nose. The smoke is relatively thick compared to other strains and tastes quite piney.

This strain leaves one feeling euphoric, uplifted and relaxed which makes it the perfect strain for day-time smokers. The high is quick to hit you and starts with a feeling of euphoria. As the THC sets in further, happiness and relaxation of the mind will begin. Sour Amnesia Haze will mainly be a cerebral high with little to moderate body effects. Mild relaxation will spread throughout the body but won’t make you lazy or couch-locked. There is also a spell of creativity and focus that takes over, making it a suitable strain for doing activities and work.

This strain can be used to treat conditions such as depression, anxiety, stress, and even mild pain. But if you are looking to treat more chronic pain, we recommend a strong indica instead of a strong sativa.

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