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Romulan is a well-known strain in the cannabis world due to the origin of its name. In Star Trek, there is an alien race with dents in their heads called the Romulans. This strain is named after them due to its very potent effects that are known to leave “a dent” in your head. The exact genetics is a mystery but one of its parents is known to be the indica strain, White Rhino. The second parent is unknown but many believe that it was a North American indica strain.

Characteristics and Effects

The buds of this strain will often be medium-sized and quite dense. Each nugget ranges in shades of green but there are undertones of copper/orange due to the pistils. Although it is not a top-shelf strain, the leaves are usually frosty with trichomes which provides insight into its heavy THC content (up to 20%). The aroma of Romulan is described as earthy and piney with undertones of gas and also citrus if you have a really keen nose. The smoke is quite average as the terpene profile is not very unique but it is still enjoyable. People will describe the taste as spicy and woodsy with a bit sweetness when it hits the tongue.

Many know this strain for its powerful indica effects. However, sativa genetics have begun to show which leads to its fierce cerebral effects. At first, many will feel euphoria and happiness rush to the head. However, soon after extreme relaxation will spread throughout the body leaving you lazy and couch-locked. Users will then start feeling really sleepy with heavy eyes. Romulan will drop a bomb on your head leaving you in a dream-like euphoric state as your body slowly sinks into a deep state of relaxation. If you are able to fight off the urge to sleep, you’ll be floating on cloud9 wondering where all your worries went.

Romulan is a favourite for many medical marijuana users. Due to its effect on both the body and mind, many use this to treat chronic stress and depression. The extreme relaxation effects are also great for pain management and insomnia. Some even use this strain to treat muscle spasms. Side effects are often dry mouth and eyes but can include dizziness and paranoia if inexperienced.

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