Phyto CCELL Vaporizer Pen Starter Kit

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Phyto CCELL Vaporizer

As one of the original players in growing medicinal cannabis, Phyto Extractions strives to provide you with the best concentrates. Boasting over 20 years of professional experience in growing and extractions, we can say that they are top quality. They make sure that each bud run is of the finest quality to produce only the best. Phyto Extractions produces a range of products including their famous shatter line, live resin, and their vape pens. Originally only producing their Firesticks in their vape line, they have taken it a step further to provide you with Phyto CCELL Vaporizer Pens.

Phyto has upgraded their vape pens to have a rechargeable battery pack with replaceable cartridges. The rechargeable battery ensures that you get the most out of your cartridges compared to the Firesticks. Simply plug in the battery into the charger when needed. These cartridges come in a variety of flavours including raw, root beer, fruit loops, key lime pie, watermelon, mango, and more.

Phyto CCELL Vaporizer Pens Starter Kits include the battery pack, a USB charger, and one cartridge (currently only available in raw, root beer, or watermelon for starter kits. Each cartridge contains 600mg of THC in 0.6mL of distillate.

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