Moroccan Habibi Hash

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Moroccan Habibi Hash is a delectable hash that is perfect for those looking for a traditional, old-school throwback. Processed and imported directly from Morocco, a country that is arguably known as one of the finest procurers of hashish in the world, this variation is sure to not disappoint. Very pliable, consisting of a beautiful bright brown hue and accompanied by a woody, earthy and sweet essence, Moroccan Habibi Hash is perfect for topping of bowls and joints!



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Moroccan Habibi Hash is a splendid and ultra rare hash strain imported directly from Morocco, a country that is well-regarded as one of the most consistent and finest producers of hash in the world. The namesake of this hash variation comes from the term ‘habibi’ which in the Arabic language translates to “my love”, which is a reference into the passion that these dedicated hash connoisseurs and producers put into their own craft, which is always evident in their products. What makes this strain of hash so different or unique is the production method – these artisans combine their ancient, dying techniques and methods and incorporate that into the way they process THC trichomes into hash. Moroccan Habibi Hash is of a higher-quality AAA+ grade and is renowned by many hash enthusiasts for its lovely brown hue, and aromatics, consisting of pleasant woody and spicy tones. Just top off a bowl or sprinkle some in a joint and let the relaxation begin!

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