Mary’s Medibles Westcoast Teddies

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Mary’s Medibles Sour Swirls is an indica strain edible that contains 140mg of THC for each packet. Each package contains four flavored gummy bears. Mary’s Medibles is known to produce edibles that help with medical issues and taste great at the same time. With edibles ranging from sativa and indica, Mary’s Medibles makes it easy to choose what you need, when you need it. 


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Mary’s Medibles Sour Swirls

Mary’s Medibles has set out to become one of Canada’s finest edibles producers. The edibles are lab tested and approved by patients all over. The quality of products is consistently maintained to ensure you always receive you edibles the same way. Producing in a licensed food safe facility, you can be sure your edibles are safe to eat. Mary’s Medibles approach into the world of edibles is to produce a menu that will help with medical issues while keeping a great taste. Buy Mary’s Medibles Westcoast Teddies, a tasty snack packed with 140mg of THC per pack.

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