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FADED Cannabis Co. introduces their FADED edibles! These edibles are a twist on your favourite classics including rainbow belts and cola bottles. These delectable candies come in a wide variety of flavours for your enjoyment. Each piece contains 18-20mg doses of THC which is sure to get you FADED. For those who do not enjoy smoking, this is the perfect option for you! #STAYFADED



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FADED Edibles by FADED Cannabis Co. guarantees the highest-quality products. At FADED. it begins with premium flowers to ensure that their cannabis-infused products are the most pure and most potent. FADED edibles take on the familiar classics with an added little twist. Including cherry bombs and sour suckers, these delicious candies come in a wide variety of flavours for your enjoyment. They also come in variety packs for those who want to try an assortment of flavours. For those who do not like smoking or want to consume cannabis in a more hearty way, these FADED edibles are perfect for you! With a 20mg dosage per piece, it is sure to get you where you want to be. Consumption of these candies may also be used to treat many conditions such as depression or appetite-loss. #STAYFADED

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Faded Cannabis Co.

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