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BC Kush Buy One Get One Free Deal will only be in-stock for a limited time! As a gesture of good faith, we’re allowing customers to purchase 1/2 OZ variations (14 grams) of BC Kush for only $99.99! With each purchase of our BC Kush 1/2 OZ variations (14 grams), users will also receive ANOTHER 1/2 OZ (14 grams) of BC Kush for FREE!

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BC Kush Buy One Get One Free Deal is only $99.99 for a limited time, while quantities last! Purchase one 1/2 OZ (14 gram) variation of BC Kush and receive another, FREE OF CHARGE! This notorious indica phenotype has made a name for itself globally for its heavy-hitting potency and pain relieving effects. Originally bred in British Columbia, the province of which this strain got its namesake, BC Kush was conceived by crossbreeding a strong, OG Kush with another unknown indica kush strain. The creation of this strain resulted in a flower with a mildly flowery, sweet and woody terpene profile, and to this day BC Kush is beloved for its sedative, relaxing and pain-alleviating qualities.


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  1. CurtSr

    CurtSr (verified owner)

    Right away I remembered my old man telling me old war stories about playing “sticky fingers” with the neighborhood tramps back in the day. These are “resiny” buds. When busted, the noise is heavy with berry and wood. The cloud also leaves a heavy woody taste on the back end(my favorite of the terpene profiles, well, that and pine). Had to loose a star for a very mild soapy smell from cultivation.

  2. Cbas1313

    Cbas1313 (verified owner)

    The first kind i got from here…and for the price….the quality surprised me! Will buy again definitely