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BC Kush Buy One Get One Free Deal will only be in-stock for a limited time! As a gesture of good faith, we’re allowing customers to purchase 1/2 OZ variations (14 grams) of BC Kush for only $99.99! With each purchase of our BC Kush 1/2 OZ variations (14 grams), users will also receive ANOTHER 1/2 OZ (14 grams) of BC Kush for FREE!

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BC Kush Buy One Get One Free Deal is only $99.99 for a limited time, while quantities last! Purchase one 1/2 OZ (14 gram) variation of BC Kush and receive another, FREE OF CHARGE! This notorious indica phenotype has made a name for itself globally for its heavy-hitting potency and pain relieving effects. Originally bred in British Columbia, the province of which this strain got its namesake, BC Kush was conceived by crossbreeding a strong, OG Kush with another unknown indica kush strain. The creation of this strain resulted in a flower with a mildly flowery, sweet and woody terpene profile, and to this day BC Kush is beloved for its sedative, relaxing and pain-alleviating qualities.



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