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BC Kush Buy One Get One Free Deal will only be in-stock for a limited time! As a gesture of good faith, we’re allowing customers to purchase 1/2 OZ variations (14 grams) of BC Kush for only $99.99! With each purchase of our BC Kush 1/2 OZ variations (14 grams), users will also receive ANOTHER 1/2 OZ (14 grams) of BC Kush for FREE!

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The BC Kush is a pure indica strain that was created by BC Bud Depot by crossbreeding the popular BC Grapefruit and OG Kush strain. Created and bred in British Columbia, it is a potent indica strain that will leave smokers euphoric and happy. Recreational and medical users both enjoy this bud for its sedative and relaxing effects as much as its pain relief benefits. This amazing bud was awarded the Cannabis Cup for the Best Indica category twice. It is famous for its rich and pungent indica line with its potency stemming from the Afghani indica variant. BC Kush has been deemed one of the strongest cannabis strain with a THC level at around 15% and 20%. It has three distinct breeds namely the Purple BC Kush, BC Kush OG, and Pink BC Kush.

Appearance & Aroma

And easy and popular strain to grow, the BC Kush is a famous bud that people like to smoke on a regular basis. It is known for its olive green and rock-hard nugs with woven orange hairs and frosted crystals and resins. The nugs are popcorn shaped with a very strong smell of skunk juxtaposed with an earthy and creamy taste. Its most defining characteristic is its smell which can be overpowering at times. Novice smokers are advised to take precautions when smoking the BC Kush as its strong smell permeates any space quite heavily.


Considered to be one of the strongest cannabis plants currently available, people have described the high of the BC Kush as extremely potent and immediate. They experience a euphoric state and head rush that leaves people glued to their couches. Users report of extreme happiness and giddiness when smoking this variant. Giggling and laughing are bound to happen. BC Kush also encourages smokers to be creative with bouts of social inspiration making it the bud of choice for smoking in social situations. It’s best to smoke the BC Kush in social situations or for lighting up right before bedtime.

Medical Use

This bud is great for addressing pain and inflammation issues because of its sedative effects. Depression, anxiety, PTSD, and insomnia are other physical issues that have found relief through the BC Kush. It’s known to resolve muscle spasms and tremors and those wanting to relax after a stressful day will benefit from this strain as well.

High THC is offering a buy-one-get-one promo for their BC Kush all for the low price of $99.99. Customers who purchase 14 grams worth of buds can get the same amount free of charge.

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  1. CurtSr

    CurtSr (verified owner)

    Right away I remembered my old man telling me old war stories about playing “sticky fingers” with the neighborhood tramps back in the day. These are “resiny” buds. When busted, the noise is heavy with berry and wood. The cloud also leaves a heavy woody taste on the back end(my favorite of the terpene profiles, well, that and pine). Had to loose a star for a very mild soapy smell from cultivation.

  2. Cbas1313

    Cbas1313 (verified owner)

    The first kind i got from here…and for the price….the quality surprised me! Will buy again definitely