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Alaskan Thunder Fuck, or simply known as ATF for short is a sativa strain known by everyone from cannabis connoisseurs to the average stoner. While the history of Alaskan Thunder Fuck is quite complicated, what we do know about the Alaskan Thunder Fuck that we have all come to love and recognize is the cross between an Afghani landrace, Russian ruderalis and another unknown Northern Californian strain. A super heavy-hitter, ATF is a sativa that is known for its bolstering THC concentrations that range from 18-28%. Smoke up and feel the instantly relaxing and euphoric effects of this strain as your stress disappears and you melt into the couch. If you’re into terpenes, then you will be delighted to open up a bag of this stuff! The aroma and flavour profile of ATF consists of a unique blend of pungent skunk, pine, and lemon base notes combined with slightly earthy undertones to top it off.



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Alaskan Thunder Fuck, also known by its shorter name, ATF, is an exquisite sativa strain that originated within the harsh climates of the Matanuska Valley in Alaska. ATF is known for its incredibly high THC concentration, as this resilient strain adapted to the harsh conditions of Alaska by developing higher concentrations of denser THC trichomes. Many enthusiasts within cannabis circles speculate that Alaskan Thunder Fuck was originally a cross between an unknown Nor-Cal sativa, and a typical Russian ruderalis. It wasn’t until the 1970s that the staple Alaskan Thunder Fuck that we have now all come to know and love came into existence, after breeders further crossed that strain with an Afghani landrace to make it profoundly more potent and remarkable. With THC levels ranging between 18% on the lower end and 28% at its peak, ATF will truly intoxicate even the heaviest of smokers.


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